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  • Workshop on Connecting All Things for Enabling Smart Cities

26 Sep 2022

Workshop on Connecting All Things for Enabling Smart Cities (CONTEST) was organised by this project to showcase the project objectives and recent achievements whilst engaging with relevant stakeholders. It was held in conjunction with the international  conference VTC-Fall 2022 and all relevant information is published via its dedicated website.

This Workshop was held online/virtually and provided an excellent platform for researchers to exchange ideas and establish new research initiatives with relevant stakeholders. Read more...

  • Workshop W1 CONTEST in VTC-Fall 2022 Call for Papers

1 Aug 2022

Dear Colleagues,


We are organising a workshop W1 CONTEST in conjunction with VTC-Fall 2022, which will be held in September 2022 simultaneously in Beijing/London. Your contributions in the following areas will be very welcome. Submission deadline is 14th August, via:


Potential topics of workshop papers include but are not limited to 
• Green communications and networks 
• Vehicular communications and telematics 
• Positioning, localization and navigation 
• Cognitive radio and spectrum management 
• V2X and M2M communications 
• Heterogeneous networks 
• Energy harvesting and communications 
• Antennas design and propagation 
• Safety, security, and privacy for smart cities 
• Internet of things 
• Ultra-dense network 
• Energy-efficiency 
• Wireless power and information transfer 
• Smart grid communications 
• Electric vehicles charging and management 
• Intelligent transportation 
• Novel vehicular network architecture 
• Future trends and emerging technologies. 

  • Smart Energy and Decarbonisation Summer School

6-7 June 2022

Smart Energy and Decarbonisation Summer School was successfully held on 7th and 8th June, 2022, and led by Durham University (UDUR). There were 30 early-stage researchers (ESRs) joining the Summer School. Attendees include academic staff, PhD students and industrial experts from both TESTBED2 consortium (e.g., UDUR, Heriot-Watt University (HWU), University of Northumbria at Newcastle (UNN), National Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science Research (CWI), and BEIA Consult International) and other research-intensive Universities, e.g., Universities of Manchester, Warwick, Cardiff, Loughborough, Nottingham, and Tempere (Finland).  

This Summer School consists of two days’ activities.

  • Summer School Call for Applications

1 April 2022

To fight climate change, many countries have pledged to realise net-zero or carbon neutrality. Decarbonisation of transport is at the centre of such efforts. There are flourishing research activities in the areas of smart and connected mobility, and electrification of transport.

The Smart Energy and Decarbonisation Summer School will focus on how transport decarbonisation fits into the wider context of evolving energy systems in the UK and worldwide, including power grid decarbonisation, smart and connected mobility, electric vehicle charging, and smart grid technologies.

The call for applications for the Summer School is now open: An Invitation to Apply

How to apply

Complete and submit the online application form:

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2022

Confirmation of place: 9 May 2022

  • MSCA Staff Exchanges flyer 2022

21 Jan 2022

More information on Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Staff Exchanges can be found on the MSCA Staff Exchanges flyer 2022.

  • Launch of New Website

20 March 2020

The TESTBED2 project website has launched:

  • Kick-off Meeting 

25 March 2020

The TESTBED2 kick-off meeting was held online due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The meeting was initiated with the project management and implementation plan presented by the project coordinator, followed by brief introduction of profile from all partners. Project expectations and challenging issues are also discussed among partners. 

The meeting agenda and all sides can be found in File Share

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