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Dissemination activities in TESTBED2 include the organization of summer school and training seminars, the creation of a website, the organization of workshops, the participation in conferences, the publication of scientific papers in journals and conferences, the distribution of multimedia material, the interaction with broader communities and initiatives, and various other activities. The following dissemination activities will be established.


The TESTBED2 project website has launched. 


Summer Schools, Training Courses and Seminars:

The TESTBED2 project will organize 1 Summer School and several training courses and research seminars, to help ESRs become familiar with their research topics in a quicker manner. The relevant knowledge and skills can also be effectively transferred from ERs to ESRs. New research challenges/directions will be identified. 


The TESTBED2 project organised 1 workshop, providing platforms for exchanging ideas and establishing new research initiatives with relevant stakeholders. It has encouraged ESRs to present their research results to colleagues and improve their presentation skills. 

More information can be found on Workshop on Connecting All Things for Enabling Smart Cities (CONTEST).


Conference and Journal Publications:

The TESTBED2 project will publish research outcomes in International Conferences and Journals in order to disseminate results in a timely manner. Once the project results become mature, the research partners will pursue journal publications in peer-reviewed journals with high-impact factor. 

Here is the full Publication List.


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